Civil RICO Claims For Business Torts

Texas RICO Attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth

Ever since Congress passed the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization Act, commonly referred to as RICO, it has been used as a successful tool to combat organized crime. While this is what RICO is best known for, the act also allows individuals and business owners who have suffered damages as a result of criminal conduct to file a civil RICO claim against the individual whose criminal conduct caused the damages.

The experienced civil litigators in the Emerging Business Group at Brown, PC, are familiar with the intricacies of civil RICO claims, as well as civil RICO defense. Whether you have suffered harm and are looking to file a civil RICO claim, or another business or individual has filed a civil RICO claim against you, we can use our expertise in this area to aggressively protect your interests. Winning a civil RICO claim may entitle you to "treble damages" in addition to attorney's fees. If you are a defendant in a civil RICO suit, the financial consequences can be devastating.

Civil RICO claims are very complex and technical, which is why you need to be represented by attorneys who are familiar with the complexities in this growing area of the law. Our attorneys represent businesses of every kind throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across Texas in civil RICO claims for business torts. Civil RICO claims are often filed in conjunction with other claims, such as unfair competition. For example, if another business or individual misappropriates your trade secrets, you may have a civil RICO claim in addition to your unfair competition claim.

We tailor our representation to address the particular needs of each client. To discuss your options with our team of civil RICO attorneys, contact our Fort Worth office online or by calling 888-870-0025.